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What is ADAM?

ADAM stands for Authority Delegation And Management. It is a web based application which enables the granting and managing of application authorization to WebADE-based applications within the Ministries. It is in itself a WebADE application. Authorization includes items such as:

  • What functions and features does a user have access to in the application.
  • Is the user able to enter, update, and delete information or can the user only view information.
  • Should the user be able to access only a certain organization's data within the application.

ADAM does not manage authentication.  Authentication is the process of a user identifying themselves in order to access the application.  A common form of authentication is having the user supply their assigned user ID and their password.

Delegated Administration

ADAM provides a model for an organization to delegate the responsibility for managing authorizations. This distributed model not only helps balance the load of managing large numbers of authorizations but also puts the authority in the hands of the people that know their users best.

There are five user profiles within ADAM:

  1. ADAM Administrator: Responsible for assigning Application Adaministrators to applications managed by ADAM. Also responsible for various administration tasks within ADAM.
  2. Application Administrator: A person responsible for one or more applications. This person is responsible for "Delegating" responsibility to an Authorization Grantor to manage authorizations.
  3. Authorization Grantor: Once Delegated the proper authority by an Application Administrator, they may create, update and delete authorizations for a given profile.
  4. Help Desk: A user that is tasked with trying to troubleshoot application access will normally be assigned this profile. This profile allows the user to manage all authorization in a READ-ONLY mode.
  5. ADAM User: All users who have been authorized to applications managed by ADAM are considered ADAM Users. They can enter ADAM to view their complete list of authorizations to all applications.

The following diagram shows how the types of ADAM Users interact:

ADAM Flowchart

Technical Information

ADAM is a web-based application that is itself a WebADE application. It is based on Struts and follows standard J2EE design patterns. The following are the base requirements:

  • J2EE 1.3 (JRun 4.0, Tomcat 4.x, Oracle 10g, Jetty)
  • Oracle RDBMS > 8.1
  • WebADE 4.2
  • Java SE 1.4
  • JDBC

The following is a list if libraries used by ADAM:

  • Struts 1.2.8
  • Commons Logging 1.0.4
  • Commons File Upload 1.0
  • Common Lang 2.3
  • Apache POI 3.0.1
  • Xerces 2.7.1
  • WebADE 4.2
  • Oracle JDBC 9.2
  • Mail 1.3.3

Screen Shots

ADAM New Authorization Screen Shot

ADAM Search User

ADAM Manage Authorizations
New Authorization User Searching Manage Authorizations